How to Install Sod in San Diego

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Steps How to Install Sod in San Diego County

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  • Prepare soil Loosen the top 6 inches of soil with a rototiller. Spread 2 inches of topsoil. Till in amendments. Then, based on the results from your soil test, use a spreader to lay down the appropriate starter fertilizer, and then lime if needed.
  • Level the surface Use an iron rake to knock down any high spots and fill in low spots so the soil is level and 1 inch below the grade of any paved surface, such as a walkway or driveway. Water lightly to dampen the soil.
  • Lay the first row Find the longest straight edge in your yard. Unroll the first roll of sod along it. Keep off the sod while you are installing it, and rake out any footprints as you go. Smooth out loose areas or wrinkles, patting down the sod so it’s flat against the soil underneath it, with no air pockets.
  • How to Install Sod in San Diego


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