Aloha Seashore Paspalum Grass requires up to 50 percent less water

Aloha Seashore Paspalum Grass was developed by the University of Florida for use on golf courses from tee-to-green and on sports fields. This luxurious grass delivers a deep green color, longer roughs on golf courses and a slightly wider leaf blade than SeaDwarf. University tests show that Aloha®, when compared to other paspalums, has a faster grow-in rate for sod production and establishment. Excellent for home and commercial lawns, it provides a deep green color and a high-end appearance.

Aloha Seashore Paspalum Grass Features

    • Luxurious grass with a deep green color
    • Can be irrigated with recycled water
    • Has much less nitrogen run-off than many other turfgrasses
    • Aloha® Seashore Paspalum Grass needs low fertilizer, low nitrogen and can be treated for weeds with table salt. This saves time and money and helps the environment by putting much fewer chemicals into the ecosystem
    • Stands up well in high traffic areas
    • Works well in a variety of soils
    • Can survive in wet and water-logged areas
    • Requires up to 50 percent less water than bermudagrass
    • Weeds can be treated with ordinary table salt. Aloha® will remain unharmed
    • Aloha® is great for seaside applications. Salt spray over seawalls won’t harm it
    • It is perfect for situations where quality irrigation water is not an option
    • It is fairly shade tolerant, fairly cold tolerant, and can withstand prolonged wet conditions
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